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Replacement wiper blade 63 750 – the extra long

With a length of 750 mm you can economically and ecologically cover extra long windscreen wipers, e.g. for vans, commercial vehicles and single arm wipersall in original equipment quality!

Well thought-out installation - easy and quick installation with the help of the supplied installation wedge and complete replacement of the original steel spring by the pre-fitted plastic rail

High-quality material - high-quality special plastic for the blade holder. The wiper blades are produced with a proportion of natural rubber thus guaranteeing long service life and perfect wiping performance. They are highly temperature resistant up to +123 °C (original equipment usually only up to +65°C). The graphic coating ensures especially smooth wiping characteristics. The genuine stainless steel lock ensures rust-free and long-life fixing

Secure fixing - the original holder, which has been wind tunnel tested by the manufacturer, remains intact, there is no increased noise from wind or changes in the aerodynamics


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