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Quick Top - the easy one

The easy number plate holder with exchange bar which inspires with a solid quality for a reasonable price.

High value advertising success - full-length 3D stickers, digital directprint and standard silk-screen printings are possible.

Successful promotion - maximum possible space on the advertising bar without visual interference by locking parts or other disruptions give you the optimum readability of your advertising message and the attention of your future customers

Perfect fit - even on all vehicles sunken and tight plate mounting locations

Secure fixing - robust base plate with dampening compression springs

Simple technique - the stable advertising bar can be changed in a simple and self-explanatory manner

Material - the licence plate holder is made from robust special plastic which is flexible and impact-resistant at the same time.

Legal conformity - number plate holder complies with EU Directive 74/483/EEC (outside edge radii)

User-friendly fitting - simple installation of the licence plate by quick opening and closing from the front in order to prevent damage to the car paint

Our promise - long-life promotional texts with a 3 years guarantee on its durability, licence plate holder fixing holes always fit the current vehicle types, auxiliary opening tool integrated in base plate, additional professional opening tool is included free of charge, integrated washers, plastic resistant to the weather, UV radiation, acids, impacts and car-wash detergents.


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