Klipp Top 4 - The Most Wanted

The perfect license plate system that sets the market standards in design and technology.
The first user-friendly license plate holder with 2-component dampers ❯❯❯

Klipp Top 5 - The Allrounder

Based on the Klipp Top 4, but especially optimised for narrow fixing situations and near parking sensors.
Extra easy license plate holder handling and also with 2-component dampers ❯❯❯

Quick Top 2 - The Easy One

Robust, self-explanatory license plate holder for the multiple use in car dealerships in the new, 2nd generation ❯❯❯

FlexiTop - The Smallest

The "extra-mini" holder for the front of the vehicle, where mounting a conventional holder is not possible! ❯❯❯

Snap Top - The Unique

Simple, fast and reliable, without compromises in the optical appeal ❯❯❯

Top Card - Advertising That Affects

Increase your sales opportunities by using these eye-catching advertising signs within the license plate holder

Adapter For Temporary License Plates - A Solution That Works

Finally the solution to install them effortlessly ❯❯❯

Special Sizes And Solutions

We offer for (almost) any situation regarding the fitting, the size and the advertising a suitable license plate holder for the commercial sector, e.g. short versions, two-lines for trucks, motorbikes and tractors, Non-EU license plate sizes and much more. ❯❯❯